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12 September 2012

This Crazy World…

So I got this thing called a content schedule that I’m trying to follow (not doing a good job…). Basically its a schedule telling me I gotta blog more (yea, I know.. I’m not doing good) and different ideas of what to blog about. Today was supposed to be something about shit that’s in the news. I guess I’m hopin that this type of post can help out people who might be on this site, but may not have read about some of this stuff in the news.

So why did I actually decide to put up a blog post today? Cuz nuff shit happened in the world today that is fuckin ridiculous. But I’m only going to mention 2. Where the fuck do I begin.

Lemme start off this first post by sayin I’m no expert on the world and I aint got answers, but I do have questions and opinions. And I know when shit jus dont feel right. I’ve got a political studies degree from University (real talk) but I’ve been outta that whole scene for so long now that I’m definitely not as in tune to the world and the way it works as I used to be (lotta reasons for that). But I still try to follow current events and whats happenin in the world.

So here’s what’s got me sick.

1) Stupid fuckin governments – Approx 300 people die in garment factory fires in Pakistan

Earlier today, almost 300 people died in separate fires in factories across the country of my parents’ birth – Pakistan. The mother land. Honestly. This beautiful place makes me so sad. And it’s not the people.. it’s the fuckin government. The country has been under the rule of one dumb fuck after another for much of its history. The latest dumb fucks in office are bleeding the country dry and don’t give a fuuuuuuuuuck about the people.

The current prime minister Asif Zardari (who was voted in after the assassination of his wife Benazir Bhutto – a former Pakistani PM – sympathy vote for real..) used to be called Mr.10% because he had his hands in EVERYTHING and always took 10% for himself. Nowadays they callin him Mr.100% – take a guess why. The current government sucks. They don’t do SHIT for the people. They argue over their own power structures while the people can barely afford rice. It’s horrible how the entire global south (most of the so-called “third world”) is in a state of oppression, repression, suppression and chaos. (Thanks Colonialism!)

So back to the fires. They were caused because of the absolute shit regulations that exist in the country for safety. Apparently there was no fire hydrant around one of the buildings, it had steel bars on the windows and only one exit was unlocked. The majority of the 300 that died were from ONE factory. This is just a tragedy and my heart goes out to all the families and people involved. People were jumping off the roof of the building to save themselves while they watched their co-workers burn alive. Absolutely crazy. The fires happened in the cities of Karachi and Lahore.

Some of the owners of the factories homes were raided but they had gone into hiding. People are saying it was probably caused by an electrical fire from faulty electrical circuits. What’s worse is that electrical inspectors had been forbidden BY LAW from entering factories in Karachi and Lahore for inspections since 2003 (WTF?!) Workplace safety is supposed to be guaranteed under the Pakistani constitution but government oversight fuckin blows and the condition of the country as a whole has declined RAPIDLY.

I fear for my father’s country – the majority of our family is still there. And its a beautiful place with beautiful people. I pray that the situation there becomes drastically better, and soon. The politician with the most potential right now to do some good in the country is a guy by the name of Imran Khan (former cricket player). All I’m saying is, a lot of shit needs to change – and I hope it happens soon. The people of the country deserve much much better than they have.

2) Stupid fuckin people – Anti-Islamic Movie Incites Attacks/Protests at US Embassies around world.

FUCK SAM BACILE – whoever the fuck he is.

So if you didn’t know, some stupid mufucka decided to make a movie. A movie about the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) called “Innocence of Muslims.” The movie is said to mock and “satirize” the life, message and mission of the Prophet Mohammad. The film’s trailer is actually what is supposed to have sparked the protests and attacks on the US embassy in places like Libya. The movie apparently “depicts the Islamic prophet as a womanizer, a pedophile and a homosexual, among other characterizations.” (source: Huffington Post)

But there’s now some questions about whether this guy actually exists. What’s more is that the actors involved in the film are now claiming they had no idea they were participating in an Anti-Muslim film. Apparently the audio had been dubbed over after the fact.

Regardless of all this bullshit, the fact remains that whoever made this movie it was meant for one simple reason – to stir up hate and anger. The supposed film maker said “Islam is a cancer” and that the idea was to show what a horrible religion Islam is. Now I know most people in the world are normal and don’t feed into this crap, but if you do, you’re an idiot. Theres nothing wrong with comedy. But if you don’t think there’s anything wrong with mocking and ridiculing an entire population for the sole purpose of spreading hate and intolerance, and inciting violence then you’re an idiot. Free Speech comes with responsibility. And if you’re gonna play with fire, you’re probably gonna get burned. I watched the trailer and it’s the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever seen. And it definitely was dubbed over. And the entire trailer is obscene, absurd and basically meant to mock, ridicule and incite the anger of Muslims, not question the faith/belief or ask legitimate questions. Its complete fuckery meant to offend. That’s all. And that shit was LOW-BUDGET. How the fuck did the dude end up spending a reported $5 Mil on it???

So now about the embassy attack and the unfortunate death of the US Ambassador to Libya and several others. It was wrong. Shouldn’t have happened and a movie as dumb as this doesn’t call for it. I think killing anyone is wrong, regardless of your reasons. Sometimes violence can be justified, yea, but most times it’s not necessary. I think life is precious and shouldn’t be taken so lightly.

If the ambassador was killed because of this movie then I’ll say this – I think the same dumb people who decided to kill people in response to a movie they had nothing to do with are as wrong as the stupid people who made the movie. BUT, it’s been reported that the attackers on the embassy used the protest over the film as a diversion to carry out the attack. There were a number of locals that actually died tryin to protect the ambassador and others.

Anyways, I’m not saying don’t let your voice be heard and I’m not saying don’t hold people responsible for any injustice they commit. But I am saying that senseless violence doesn’t help the situation. I’m a Muslim, and all this does is make people (weak-minded, easily influenced people, but people nonetheless) hate and fear us more. It gives them another reason to believe we as a people are violent, intolerant and jus flat out fuckin crazy.

And speaking as someone who is BOUT THIS LIFE (even though I can be a pretty shitty Muslim, sometimes… Most of the time..) I know we’re not crazy. We’re a beautiful, caring, loving, accommodating and hospitable people. Yea we got a couple crazies but so does every other community.

And for all my non-Muslim fam out there, if you want to know what’s really up with Islam, its teaching and its history, don’t listen to the idiots out there talking shit who don’t really know what it’s all about (How much you wanna bet that mufucka that wanted to burn the Quran last year had never even read it?) All this shit talk is usually done for a misguided religious, political or economic purpose. They have an agenda and that is to replace truth with falsehood.

I could honestly go on about this for days… But it’s been a long day,..

Peace (and I mean that shit literally).

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