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18 September 2012

New Song With Keeno and Teddy T Coming Soon

I went into the lab with Keeno and Teddy T – two artists in winnipeg – a while ago and I been meaning to finish this track off. Its almost done so I’ll post it up then. Here’s the beat and the lyrics of my verse – they may change

The Verse

Walkin contradiction and Im strictly absurd / smoking on my herb / contemplatin on my word / Im kickin verbs from the burbs / we came a long way from those Eastwood curbs / homies from around the way / slangin yay / wut you heard / my heros was the hustlers / and then I got the urge / Who got that dextrose? / Who got that procaine / as a young man every one of my thoughts was profane / I wonder if I’ll have to pay / for the way / that I used to spend my days / and the things that never changed / even tho Im not the same / Ay don’t make the mistake of thinkin that you kno me homie / he got no idea but he think he do don’t he? / Now I’m strictly d-l / haters talk shit / I changed up my game / so they can suck a dick / I’m tryna maintain / I keep my shit legit / with a brown beauty queen / and a plot to make me rich / word

The Beat

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