Lyrical Militant is a conscious Hip-Hop artist spitting intelligent lyricism caught up in mainstream ignorance. Residing in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Canadian-born Pakistani-Muslim emcee philosophizes in rhyme with slap-you-in-the-face lyricism over infectious heavy drums and soulful, South-Asian influenced melodies. Named Uptown Magazine’s “One to Watch” twice within the same year, Militant’s rapid-fire flow can be heard on his debut commercial album “Prelude to Revolution” available now in stores and online.

Originally growing up in Thompson and eventually moving to Winnipeg, Manitoba, the rapper/beatmaker kept falling into a street lifestyle. After the death of his mother to cancer and the murder of a family friend in 2008, he chose to focus his energy on positivity through music. Dedicated to his mother’s memory, “Prelude To Revolution,” features 10 heavy-hitting tracks and a portion of album sales are being donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

After releasing his first mixtape in 2008, Lyrical Militant received great reviews from entertainment publications, critics and radio stations alike. Described as “always entertaining” by Uptown Magazine and as having “a strong lyrical flow with boss beats throughout,” the Rap artist hopes to exceed expectations with his latest album release. With song titles like “Humanity’s Tragedy,” “Four Twenty” and “Young’n Restless (A Ho Story),” and topics including war, sex, and religion, what’s in store is no doubt controversial.

Militant has shared the stage with many great acts, including Akil the MC from Jurassic 5, touring central Canada and has been featured on CBC Radio 1, Streetz 104.7FM, Global TV, Shaw TV and a variety of other television and radio programs for his activism and his music. A child of the “golden-era,” Lyrical Militant grew up as a student of the four elements of Hip-Hop. After dabbling in break-dancing and graffiti, Militant found his true love in rhyme at the age of 11, and production/DJing at 17.

The new album, “Prelude To Revolution,” features production from K-Salaam and Beatnick, Lomaticc and many other heavy hip-hop producers. The 10 track LP is the first in a trilogy of albums from the often politically charged emcee. The 3 albums are related in theme and tell the stories from what Militant simply describes as the “calm before the storm” up to the “aftermath.” Prelude to Revolution is dubbed “Book 1.” Following the release of the album, Militant’s high-energy live show can be seen on his tour during summer 2012. Visit to download the first single and music video from “Prelude To Revolution” FREE.

Prelude To Revolution
01 – A Prelude to Revolution (Intro) // Prelude to Revolution (2012)
  1. 01 – A Prelude to Revolution (Intro) // Prelude to Revolution (2012)
  2. 02 – Never Give Up // Lyrical Militant (feat. Dele-O) - Prelude to Revolution
  3. 03 – Humanity’s Tragedy // Lyrical Militant feat. Silly Willy and Flo - Prelude to Revolution
  4. 04 – Magic Carpet Ride // Lyrical Militant feat. Keshia Angeline - Prelude To Revolution
  5. 05 – Nach Le // Lyrical Militant feat. Baba - Prelude To Revolution
  6. 06 – Young’n Restless (A Ho Story) // Lyrical Militant feat. Flo - Prelude To Revolution
  7. 07 – Faddah Abraham // Lyrical Militant feat. Kapone - Prelude To Revolution
  8. 08 – Four Twenty // Lyrical Militant - Prelude To Revolution
  9. 09 – Big Dreams // Lyrical Militant - Prelude To Revolution
  10. 10 – Song for Mama // Lyrical Militant feat. Chandelle Pinnock - Prelude To Revolution
  11. 11 – The Revolution is Coming (Outro) // Prelude to Revolution (2012)
  12. 12 – Better Place // Flo, Lyrical Militant, Jahgo and NDU (Prod. by Ban2) - Prelude to Revolution (2012)